June 1, 2007

PICTURES - 2007 Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference

I thought you might be interested in seeing what a Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference looks like, so will share a few of the many pictures taken at this week's event. Next year's conference will be May 27-29, 2008. If you'd like to receive periodic updates on the details for next year as they unfold (speakers, discounts, etc.), send me your email address (steve@banneroftruth.org), and I'll be sure to keep you informed. For lots more about what went on at this year's conference, check out Tony Reinke's Shepherd Scrapbook blog. Tony was with us this year (how did he manage to escape our camera???); he blogged from the conference, has pictures of his tour of the Banner U.S. warehouse, and will be adding more comments and reflections throughout this next week.
One more thing ... If you were one of the guys who attended this year's conference, how about sharing a comment or two here as to what the week meant to you. And be sure to come back in '08! It'd be great to see you all again next May.

Here's the chapel at the college, just before we opened the doors. It's a beautiful facility, expecially when filled with hundreds of men's voices singing one of the great hymns of the faith!

Ben Short kicked off the event. I am certain that every guy there can still tell you what Ben spoke on ... For me, to live IS Christ!

There's always time for interaction among the guys who come, pastors fellowshipping with other pastors, or missionaries, or deacons & elders and seminary students.

What would a Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference be without a bookstore FILLED with Banner of Truth books? And next year, we're already making plans to make it even fuller; it will truly include copies of every -- did I say every? -- book we currently have in print! Wow.

The weather was great! Here you see a group of guys heading over to the dining hall for lunch. Eating all meals together, as well as staying together on campus, just adds to the overall fellowship for everyone involved.

In addition to the fellowship of some dear brothers in Christ, the conference also provides those much-needed moments to simply sit and reflect on what we've just heard, and to ponder, and pray.

It was great having Banner of Truth's Chairman of our Trustees back for another year.

What a time we had Tuesday night in the bookstore! It was Sinclair Ferguson's tour, sharing his incredible insights into so many books, recommending some for specific reasons and - yes - reducing the prices of some to discounts of 65%! I hope he remembers that at the end of our fiscal year!

Another one of our speakers' this year ... Derek Thomas. I won't tell you how many times he went for ice cream at Brusters! What was that favorite kind, Derek? New York Cheesecake? Mmmmmm.

Without a doubt, the fellowship is one of the key ingredients of the week. Old and young, mixing together. It's great.

I'll probably put these, and all the rest of the pictures we have (thanks to photographer Ryan Thompson) together into a presentation CD that we can distribute to help promote the event. Let me know if you'd like a copy, and stay tuned.


jc said...

Thanks for the lovely pics, Steve.
Will the audio be online?

CPCC Pastor said...

Got the email and will reply shortly.

Love the pictures -- and look forward to more. Please put me down for at least one picture CD when it is ready -- I'd like to do some recruiting for enxt year already.

PS - please post next year's dates and speakers (and theme) on your blog, after you catch your breath!!

david bissett