June 15, 2007

2007 PCA General Assembly

As of last night, this year's assembly is now history. After breakfast this morning (Friday) with a good friend from Georgia, I'll return to the nearly empty exhibit hall to dismantle the Banner of Truth booth before heading to the airport for my 5:00 flight back to Harrisburg through Detroit. I am still amazed that I am only shipping two boxes of books back to the Banner office, leaving about 12-15 EMPTY boxes here. That first day really did resemble locusts descending on the Banner booth and eating up the books. Wow.
I also had so many good conversations during the past three days. I already told you about my new young friend, Hamilton (see the post and comments of the previous blog). I also got to connect with a number of guys I've met over the past year and a number of guys who were recently with us at the Banner Ministers' Conference (thanks much for last night's dinner, Brandon, and for my daily lunches, Mike, and for my morning coffee Eric!). And, of course, there were many others - including Tyler, the homeschooled high school student who already owns all of Owen, Flavel, and more! It's been a good week, it really has. But I will tell you, I'm so ready to get back home! I know I still owe you those previews of upcoming books. I haven't forgotten - Hopefully later today while waiting for the plane, I'll have some more time to write. Grace & peace. Steve

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