June 27, 2007


QUESTION: Why might Banner have a special affection for the cover of the new book, "The Life and Times of George Whitefield"?
The first correct answer gets you a $3.00 (U.S. currency) coupon toward your next purchase from the U.S. office of The Banner of Truth (individuals only, no trade account orders, please). Email me at steve@banneroftruth.org.


Anonymous said...

Because the Whitefield statue is on the campus at a university in Philadelphia and Steve goes and sells BoT books in Philadelphia and has a daughter going to college. That was an easy one.


Steve Burlew said...

Oh, my. Y'all just need to know that that guy with the Shepherd's Scrapbook blog's FULL name is "Tony Anonymous Reinke," and whatever sense of humor doesn't make his blog gets expressed over here! :-)
You're always good for a smile, Tony. Blessings to you, brother!

jc said...

Possibly for the same reason why Banner puts the silhouette of Whitefield on the spine of all BoT books.

jc said...

Because the cover was designed by someone who works for Banner.

jc said...

Because the color is the same as the shirts given at the Banner Ministers' Conference.

Steve Burlew said...