June 23, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "Letters of Thomas Chalmers"

I hope you all find it valuable to read what other readers are writing about Banner books. I think it's great, but then what do I know? :-)
SOURCE of this Review: Free St. George's blog
BOOK REVIEWED: "Letters of Thomas Chalmers"
EXCERPT from the Review: "This is without a doubt one of the most interesting Banner of Truth books published in recent years - and that says as much about the book as it does about the Banner of Truth. We think it one of the Banner's great strengths that, less pressured by financial concerns, they can publish books that otherwise would not see the light of day.This is not a small book. Weighing in at 576 pages, it contains over 400 letters by Thomas Chalmers.... By its nature, this is not so much a book to be read through as one to be dipped into. And it is a book that will be dipped into again and again by discerning readers.... Buy this book, it is a classic, with something in it for everyone who desires to be instructed, not merely amused.
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