June 18, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "Letters of Chalmers," "Letters of Newton," "Letters of Rutherford"

Many of you are familiar with Tony Reinke's blog, "The Shepherd's Scrapbook." It was our privilege to have Tony at this year's Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference. If you want to know, in detail, what happened at that event (in hopes of getting you to come yourself next year), do check out Tony's blogS (and there are many of them!) on each session - and don't miss his photo tour, with me, of Banner's North American office and warehouse here in Carlisle, PA.
But since returning from Banner's Minsters' Conference, Tony has gotten back in the books, three Banner books to be exact. You won't want to miss his assessment and comparison of these three.
SOURCE of the Review: Shepherd Scrapbook blog, Tony Reinke
BOOKS REVIEWED: "Letters of John Newton," "Letters of Thomas Chalmers," "Letters of Samuel Rutherford"
EXCERPT from the Review: "Few books minister more effectively to my soul than compilations of letters written by spiritual giants. These private letters reveal a private concern for particular souls. They are intended to comfort the downcast and encourage frail sinners on the brink of eternity to set their minds on things above." Tony then does a great service comparing these three titles in terms of their index-ability, content, readability, and biographies.
In his conclusion, Tony writes, "When it comes to spiritual letter writers, John Newton and Samuel Rutherford are in the Reformed Hall of Fame. It’s great that these two works are indexed topically in a way that will make them very easy to use in sermon preparation and for topic-specific devotional times. That within one year, the Banner of Truth has managed to publish these works in Smyth-sewn binding and beautiful cloth covers is itself a grand accomplishment that will serve the church for many decades.
"My concluding recommendations for readers looking to pick up and read some spiritual letters this Summer: Chalmers’ letters are often spiritual but will be tougher to navigate due to lack of thematic summaries and index we see in the other two. Start with Newton and then move on to Rutherford. For those more interested in historical letters, return to Chalmers. In all three cases, your heart will be truly blessed as you read letters from three able physicians of the soul.
To read Tony's complete review, click HERE.
To check out and/or buy Letters of John Newton, click HERE.
To check out and/or buy Letters of Thomas Chalmers, click HERE.
To check out and/or buy Letters of Samuel Rutherford, click HERE.

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