June 17, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "Princeton and Preaching," by Jim Garretson

SOURCE of the Review: "For His Renown" blog, by James Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
BOOK REVIEWED: "Princeton and Preaching," by Jim Garretson (Banner of Truth)
EXCERPT from the Review: "Several studies of Old Princeton exist, but books on Alexander are comparatively sparse. In the volume under review here, James Garretson provides a biographical summary of Alexander in chapter 1. From there Garretson provides chapters that summarize Alexander’s approach to the call to ministry, the qualifications for ministry, sermon preparation, the preparation of the preacher’s heart, the minister as shepherd, the content of preaching, ministerial deportment, the challenges of ministry, and the encouragements of the ministry. The concluding chapter draws together Alexander’s approach to training men for ministry and recommends it to our generation. This book would serve as healthy devotional reading. It is almost too rich to be read through quickly, so readers would perhaps be best served by savoring short passages for periodic encouragement. Let us heed the admonition of Hebrews 13:7 and remember those who have gone before, observing the outcome of their lives that we might imitate their faith."
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