June 16, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "A Heart For God," by Sinclair Ferguson

SOURCE of the Review: Slaves of Righteousness blog
BOOK being Reviewed: A Heart for God, by Sinclair Ferguson
SUMMARY: "I love this book! It excites me. Sinclair Ferguson shows how having a heart for God comes from knowing who God is.... Ferguson does not ignore the need of saving faith, but points out that saving faith comes by knowing. He shows the importance of knowledge in a believer’s life.... Throughout the book Ferguson goes to the Bible to show us who God is...."
To read this complete review, click HERE.
To check out or buy the book, click HERE (just note, it has a newer cover than what you'll find here on the Banner Web site ... I'll try to get that updated this coming week).

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pilgrim said...

Thanks for the link.
I never miss an opportunity to recommend this book.