June 21, 2007

U.S. Ministers' Conference Makes Cover of Banner of Truth Magazine

The new edition, just released, of The Banner of Truth magazine, published 11 times each year, bears a very familiar-looking cover to any of you who were here in attendance at this year's Ministers' Conference. Can you pick yourself out of the crowd? How about a friend or two? For those of you who made the picture, "Congratulations!" You can now add to your resume the fact that your image (even if it happens to be the ... uhm ... backside image) has been published on the cover of an internationally distributed publication! If you happened to have been late for this session, chalk it up to another missed opportunity - and be on time, next time!
Interested in subscribing to the magazine? Or how about receiving a back issue to review? Email me at steve@banneroftruth.org and I'll set you up for a
FREE 3-month trial subscription to The Banner of Truth Magazine (electronic edition), beginning with this month's issue featuring the U.S. Ministers' Conference on the cover! There's no better way to check it out for yourself. Grace & peace. Steve


jc said...
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jc said...

Looks like an attendance of about 120 people. That number is nice and cozy.

Steve Burlew said...

Well, JC, your first guess of 220 in the deleted comment was just about right on. Actually, this year's attendance was 223, hence my reference to those who must have been late for the start of this session missing their "moment in the spotlight" (Banner Trustee, Tom Richwine, is seen here introducing Sinclair Ferguson at the beginning of one of Sinclair's sessions).

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, clear and crisp cover photograph. When I first saw I said to myself, is this a genuine Banner article or has someone gotten around to a knock-off fabrication? Well, this cover is so different to the cover of, oh, say … the paperback edition of the Valley of Vision and it's blurriness (so blurry in fact I went to the optometrist to have my eyes checked. I was assured it was the cover and that my eyesight was perfect and sent home with little more than a warning not to stare at the VoV cover for too long or risk permanent damage to my retina). Well, I guess what I'm saying is that I'm just a bit surprised is all. Just give us a heads-up next time you take such strides in improvement or next time we may inadvertently go to the authorities for an investigation. Change must come slow my son.



PS – It’s worth noting the kind fella on stage to the far right was knifed off the printed copy.

Steve Burlew said...

Oh, Tony!

jc said...

To Anonymous:
I have the VoV in paperback, too, and you're right. It's quite blurry. I thought that may be for artistic effect.

shawn said...


Is there a way to download or purchase audio lectures from the Banner Minister's Conferences, either in the UK or the US?