June 28, 2007

SNEAK PEAK #5: "Sketches From Church History - STUDENT WORKBOOK"

Coming in mid-July '07

Not to diminish from any other new title, I must say that this workbook is a most welcomed addition! Combined with Banner's "Sketches From Church History," it provides A COMPLETE CHURCH HISTORY UNIT STUDY, perfect for homeschooling families, Christian schools or individuals like you and me who want that big picture overview of such an important subject. Spread the word, especially among homeschoolers! I can't tell you how many of these I already sold at the Pennsylvania Christian Homeschooling Convention back in early May - a full two months before this was even to be released! Read more in the Back Cover Description below.

"Sketches From Church History:
by Rebecca Frawley
ISBN 13 #978-0-85151-9524 \ 128 pages
Large Spiral Bound Paperback \ $17.00 (U.S.)

Back Cover Description:
Since its first appearance in 1980, Sketches from Church History by S. M. Houghton has been a firm favourite with those seeking an overview of the onward march of the church of Christ from its earliest days to the end of the nineteenth century.
Here at last’, said one reviewer, ‘is a book which makes church history enjoyable.’
More recently Sketches from Church History has become established as a textbook in Christian schools and among home-schooling families, and one list of favourite home-school books on Amazon.com placed it third overall in general usefulness.
Now teachers and home-schoolers have a new tool to make Sketches from Church History even more useful: a "Sketches from Church History STUDENT WORKBOOK," by Rebecca Frawley. Complete with a course syllabus, questions and answers, charts, time lines, maps, puzzles, and essay topics, this Workbook will be an invaluable companion to Sketches from Church History. It is spiral-bound for ease of use.


CPCC Pastor said...

Steve, this is a great item to offer. We've been waiting for it. As leaders of a homeschooling coop we hope to use it this fall as we cover the "Christendom" era (Augustine through the reformation). Is there any way to get at least one copy asap to preview? Perhaps I will call the banner office, or you could drop me an email -- or just send one with a bill! Thanks brother,
dave bissett

Steve Burlew said...

Dave - GREAT to hear from you, brother. And great to hear of your excitement for this workbook. Are you networked with other homeschoolers in the nation? I need a solid network to get the word out about this new release. Let me know.
Regarding your question about a pre-publication copy ... well, uhm, hmmm..... I sent you an email. Check your inbox!
Hope to hear from you soon.