June 17, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: Calvin's "Sermons on the Beatitudes"

SOURCE of the Review: Paul Helm, Professor Emeritus of the University of London, of "Calvin's Book"
BOOK REVIEWED: "Sermons on the Beatitudes," by John Calvin
EXCERPTS from the Review: "It goes without saying that these sermons bear little or no resemblance to the After Dinner Speeches that nowadays often pass for sermons. No opening jokes to settle the refugees and the Genevois, to put them at their ease. Somehow, putting people at ease was not Calvin's style. Did Jesus do that?
It is interesting to reflect on the Christian ethic that Calvin seeks to impart through these sermons, with their emphasis on trial, suffering, hardship, pilgrimage, patient endurance and contentment. He was preparing his troops for battle. Calvin prayed before and after each Sermon, as the liturgy required. The editor has provided us with some examples. The closing prayer of the last sermon is magnificent - clear, reverent, impassioned. Not everything is bad about the French.
Robert White is to be congratulated not only for the translation but for the helpful end notes. This is a gem of a book, an excellent introduction to Calvin the preacher and Calvin the man."
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