June 2, 2007

MORE Conference Pics, and a Vacation! :-)

Here are a few more pictures from the Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference. Perhaps some of you who didn't make it this year will be encouraged to join us in 2008. I've been receiving a number of comments from those who did attend, from the one pastor who said, "I was a first time attendee and I really enjoyed it" to another who wrote, "This was my 37th conference, I think. But it may have been my 38th. And I have, in their different ways, enjoyed them all." Another comment from a pastor who had not been before was especially heartwarming, "One of the things I sensed was a great sense of warmness from everyone there. The people attending the conference were always very friendly, whether in line to eat, or walking around. I came alone, but I wasn't alone." That is so great, and so true of our time together. "I came alone, but I wasn't alone." I do hope you'll consider joining us next year, May 27-29, 2008.
Coming up next on the blog, I'll begin previewing some of the new titles to be released next month from the Banner. But first, you'll have to excuse me for a bit. It's family vacation week - time to set this all aside and play volleyball on the NJ beach! Then I'll head to Memphis for this year's PCA General Assembly. Will I see you there? Grace & peace. Steve

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