June 26, 2007


What's more exciting than having two soon-to-be-released books finally arrive on your desk? Both of these new paperbacks just arrived, so let the ordering begin! You should see them appear on the Banner Web site soon (Correction - they are on the home page now!). If you can't wait, call us toll free at 1-800-263-8085, or email me. I'll try to give you my unbiased "take" soon. For details on each book, scroll down here on the blog or click on the label for this post titled, "SNEAK PEAKS: New Titles Summer 2007." Grace & peace. Steve
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I. Submissive Children
II. Unbelieving Parents
III. Discipline and the Modern Mind
IV. Balanced Discipline
V. Godly Upbringing
"The five sermons in this small volume were originally preached in Westminster Chapel on Sunday mornings as part of a lengthy series of expositions of Ephesians and have already appeared in print (taken from volume six of the eight-volume set). The way in which Dr. Lloyd-Jones, following the apostle Paul, deals with the relationships of family life is extremely important. He insists that these practical matters cannot be rightly understood apart from the profound truths of the Christian faith to which Paul relates them. To attempt to deal with Christian practice in isolation from Christian doctrine is to tread a dangerous path. In Dr. Lloyd-Jones' view, the only Christianity powerful enough to penetrate and change society is that which is derived from the work of the Spirit of God.
In an age which has seen an almost total collapse of family life, when, in many places, most children are being brought up in 'broken homes', Christian families can present a powerful witness to the supernatural realities which have entered the life of the world through the gospel of Christ. In this way they can point beyond merely practical matters to the profoundest truths of human existence.
The present situation, then, may be seen as giving Christians, and especially Christian families, a valuable opportunity to bear witness to the truth of the gospel. These sermons will afford considerable help in grasping this opportunity."
The Publisher
April, 2007
"Love Rules: The Ten Commandments for the 21st Century"
I. Do We Need The Ten Commandments in the 21st Century and World?
II. The Relationship Between Law and Love
III. The Introduction to the Ten Commandments
IV. The First Commandment
V. The Second Commandment
VI. The Third Commandment
VII. The Fourth Commandment
VIII. The Fifth Commandment
IX. The Sixth Commandment
X. The Seventh Commandment
XI. The Eighth Commandment
XII. The Ninth Commandment
XIII. The Tenth Commandment
XIV. The Ten Commandments in the Flow of Redemptive History
XV. The Moral Law and Jesus' Teaching
Old Testament Scripture References
New Testament Scripture References
Further Reading
Study Guide
"The Church and Nation Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, Australia, first published LOVE RULES in 2004. Its short but weighty chapters on each of the Ten Commandments, together with introductory and concluding material and a valuable Study Guide, are intended to help combat the widespread ignorance of the Commandments which prevails today, and to help Christians and non-Christians alike to see the importance of the law of God for all of life.
But the underlying reason for writing a book about the law, as the introduction affirms, is for the sake of the gospel. It is impossible, the contributors believe, to preach the genuine gospel without the law. 'By the law is the knowledge of sin' (Rom. 3:20, KJV), and without this knowledge the gospel will seem an idle tale. For the sake of man's life in this world and in the world to come, therefore, there are few things more urgently needed today than an understanding of the moral law summarized in the Ten Commandments.
The present publisher sends out this introduction to the Ten Commandments with the prayer that God may be pleased to use it to increase the knowledge of both law and gospel, to the glory of his own holy name."
The Publisher
April 2007