June 13, 2007

2007 PCA General Assembly

Greetings from Memphis! This is a pretty grueling schedule. I'm here alone this week. Yesterday, I was at the exhibit booth from 7:45 a.m. until about 30 minutes past midnight. Fortunately, a dear brother (Mike Dixon) who I met at Twin Lakes Fellowship graciously brought me lunch from Quizno's - Thanks, Mike! And I did enjoy dinner with a younger brother from Covenant College who I met at last year's G.A., and have been in touch with through the year.
As for books? Wow! We literally blew threw most of the books I brought yesterday (Tuesday). I couldn't believe how busy it was. One of the day's highlights, though, was when I met a young guy, about 12-13 years old, named Hamilton. He was with his parents, patiently waiting as Mom and Dad checked out the Banner titles, when I asked him a typical question. "So tell me, Hamilton," I asked. "What good book are you reading these days?" Believing that EVERYONE ought to ALWAYS be in a good book, I thought it was a great question. But since Hamilton didn't have one (but instead found himself more drawn to a certain game or two on one of their cell phones), I gave him one of the Banner booklets with the challenge to read the entire thing before the next day. Wouldn't you know it? HE DID! I told him that I was incredibly proud of him (I still am) and admitted that he really surprised me. So, I'm about to give him another book or two with a similar challenge. If he keeps reading, maybe I'll keep him in books (although this could get pricey, couldn't it?). "Keep going, Hamilton ... even if you have to start buying the books with your own money!
Well, there are mobs of guys around once again meaning the lunch break must be over. I better get back to the second half of today's 8:00 a.m. til midnight shift. I'll try to introduce you to one of the soon-to-be-released Banner books later today or tomorrow. Grace & Peace. Steve.
PS - So tell me, what good book are YOU reading these days? (Just don't expect to get the same deal that Hamilton got!)


Steven said...


I am new to your blog and I am really enjoying it. I am a BIG Banner fan so your website is like having the inside scoop.

I just finished Lawson's book on Calvin's preaching--excellent! I am reading through Roberts' Thought of God again--always good in stimulating my love for our God-- and reading through Whitfield biography (by Dallimore)--it's Whitfield, do I need to say any more? All excellent books.

Praying for your stamina,

bamazav said...

It was great meeting you at General Assembly. I hope to see you again. Keep up the good work.
David Zavadil

Nate said...


I just finished Jay Adam's Creativity and Insight and Christian Counselor's Manual. I am hoping to begin to read through the M'Cheyne volumes of his sermons next. I love M'Cheyne.

I am hoping to begin to work through some Thomas Boston this summer as well- so if you have any good deals on the 13 volumes let me know!

Nate said...

I meant 12.

jc said...

Your act of kindness to Hamilton could be a turning point in his young life. Amazing. Keep us updated on Hamilton. Have you been able to hear whan he thinks about the books?

Rich said...

Iain Murray's biography on Jonathon Edwards! I'll be praying for your strength during the conference,
In Christ

kammer said...
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Noah Braymen said...

Steve, man, God uses you! Praise God!

I'm currently reading

(1) When People are Big and God Is Small...

(2) The Glory Christ (John Owen Vol. 1)

(3) Gospel according to Matthew

(4) The Psalms

What are you reading brother?

In Christ,

Hamilton said...

Mr. Steve,

Thanks for the book!
I wasn't sure about the "put your mind in neutral and let God take control" part in the book.
What do you think that means?
I'm sorry i couldnt thank you in person. My family and I had to leave wednesday night because my dad had to get to work thursday morning.


Matthew Cochrane said...

Steve, sorry about the grueling schedule but glad to hear that you're moving some books. I just finished O. Palmer Robertson's Genesis of Sex and GK Chesterton's biographies of Aquinas and Francis of Assissi. Currenty I'm reading through the Gospel of Mark and Dobson's Brnging Up Boys.

jc said...

Am reading:

The Book of Exodus
Gurnall's Christian in Complete Armor
Packer's Quest for Godliness

Steve Burlew said...

Steve - Welcome to the blog! I hope you visit often.
David - Great meeting you, too! I hope you've had a good week. Stay in touch, as well as you can.
Nate - Wow. Keep going, my brother. It's especially good hearing from you, having actually met at the Banner Ministers' Confernence!
JC - What can I say? I was happy to meet Hamilton. And who knows, maybe we'll even stay in touch.
Rich - Thanks, man. I'm always speechless, sort of, when I hear that someone is taking their time to actually remember me in prayer. You have no idea how important that is to me!
Noah - How are you doing, brother? When are we going to get together? Last week on vacation, I read "1776" by David McCullough (really enjoyed it) along with "Temptation: Resisted & Repulsed," the new Puritan Paperback - Richard Rushing's version of Owen's work (actually started AND finished both of them). Now, I'm still in "Godly Man's Picture," the Puritan Paperback from Watson but I've also started the 2-volume set by Dallimore on George Whitefield, and I probably have a few others, too (I'm bad, I know - I just need to stick with one at a time, don't you think?).
Matthew - Thanks! I'll be all right, after some solid rest.

Steve Burlew said...

Hamilton! So incredibly good to hear from you! I must admit, I did spend yesterday with a corner of my eye watching to see if you and your folks might be walking through the exhibit hall. I was sorry we didn't hook up again, too, but thanks so much for writing and letting me know what happened. I don't have a copy of that booklet with me right now but will get one and check that sentence out in its context. Are you still up for another reading challenge? I'd be happy to send you another book. You can also email me at steve@banneroftruth.org. I hope to hear from you soon (if it's ok with you parents, of course). Thank you, Hamilton!
Mr. Steve

Reformed Renegade said...

A Scottish christian Heritage by Iain Murray. Of course, anything by Murray is great, no?

Steve Burlew said...

Reformed Renegade - I would say that the answer to that question would be, "Yes!"

Steve Burlew said...

Hamilton -
I don't have any way of connecting with you except through this blog, but am not sure if you check back. Let me know, or send me an email at steve@banneroftruth.org. I'll answer your question and send you that other book, if you're still willing to set the cell phone game aside for a while!
I hope to hear from you.
"Mr. Steve"