August 27, 2007

Whew! "The Valley of Vision" is just Hours Away!

Like they say, "I've got some GOOD NEWS and I've got some BAD NEWS; which do you want first?"
The BAD news is that we are, and have been, out of the leather version of "The Valley of Vision" for several weeks now. Ugh!
The GOOD news is that it's not December when so many of you are wanting this. But the BETTER news is that 17,000 of them - yes indeed, 17,000! - will be arriving here at our U.S. Banner of Truth warehouse tomorrow! Whew! So if you have this on back order, be assured that you'll be getting it soon.
A little personal update - Life does go on after you take your first-born little girl to college. It sure is a weird feeling, though. Really weird. Grace & peace. Steve.


ThirstyDavid said...

I love The Valley of Vision. I gave it away last Christmas, and I'll probably give some this year, too.

We just sent our oldest daughter to college, too. I don't like it.

Way off-topic, was there ever a hardcover edition of Iain Murray's Spurgeon vs. the Hyper-Calvinists? I've been hunting high and low, and I can't find one. Will I have to settle for Paperback?

Steve Burlew said...

As best as I can tell, there wasn't. Regardless, all we have would be the paperback now.

Anonymous said...

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