August 30, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: John Owen's "Temptation: Resisted & Repulsed"

If you're wondering about this latest addition to the Puritan Paperback series, please, do check out what Pastor Erik Raymond has to say from his study there in the Omaha Bible Church. This really is a great read, for yourself, and probably 25 others that you encounter on a regular basis! I've only pasted a portion of Erik's review here; click on the link below and read the original over at Erik's blog.
BOOK REVIEWED: "Temptation: Resisted & Repulsed," by John Owen; abridged and made easier to read by Richard Rushing
REVIEWER: Pastor Erik Raymond, from the Irish Calvinist blog
EXCERPTS FROM THE REVIEW: "As a Christian there are those 'special' times when we are especially afflicted by God with what seems to be a double dose of conviction. The response of praise through pain is one unique to Christian. For in this sanctified pressure we are molded more into the image of Jesus, our Master.
I enjoyed one such season recently as I sat down to read "Temptation: Resisted & Repulsed," by John Owen. The book, released by Banner of Truth and abridged by Richard Rushing was a blessing to my soul and has quickly jumped into my starting rotation of books to recommend to friends who are looking for books to help them grow in sanctification....
I firmly believe that this book is a 'must read' for anyone with a sinful heart who desires to resist temptation and pursue holiness. Get to know yourself as your friend John Owen teaches you about who you really are in light of God's revelation. This book is great for 'one on one' discipleship or a small group setting. It is not a 'tough read' as far as Owen goes. You will want to read it slow through as it seems that each word is laced with a sanctified razorblade to deflate your pride."
To read this review, in its entirety, click HERE.
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