August 29, 2007

Banner of Truth Welcomes "THE EMBERLEYS"

With still over 1,000 miles to go before arriving back home, it was great that Pastor Bill and Sharon Emberley took time out of their trip to visit us at the North American office of Banner of Truth this morning. Bill pastors the Grace Baptist Church in Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and we got to welcome them just one day after they delivered their youngest of three to her first year at Bob Jones University - Needless to say, that fact, combined with us taking our first-born to college just last Friday, caused us to forge an early "let's not talk about that" agreement!
Bill & Sharon, thank you so much for visiting today. It was our pleasure to meet you and spend time together. May the Lord guide you safely during the rest of your journey home, and we pray for your daughter's good adjustment (and yours) to her being away at school. Grace & peace. Steve.


Paul said...

So, Steve, where did you take your daughter to college?

Allen R. Mickle, Jr. said...


That is great the Emberley's were there! I filled in for Bill while he was on sabbatical last year at Grace Baptist Church. A wonderful community they have out there!

Allen Mickle