August 14, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "Andrew Bonar: Diary and Life"

I hate to say this, but ... the Banner of Truth warehouse here in the U.S. is temporarily out of this title. But I'm going to share this OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review with you anyway in hopes that you might make a mental note for a future purchase (as in a gift for someone special?). Grace & peace. Steve.
"Andrew Bonar: Life and Diary"
REVIEWER: Rosemary, at The Seasonings of the Heart blog
THE REVIEW: "Eating lunch at an Indian restaurant followed by spending a chunk of time at a used bookstore makes for a happy midday date for my husband and me. Add to that the discovery Andrew A. Bonar, Diary and Life published by Banner of Truth Trust, and I’m (as we used to say in Tennessee) happy as a pig in mud. Andrew Bonar seems best known as the author of the Life of Robert Murray M’Cheyne, which is why I recognized the name when I saw the book on the shelf.
The entries in Bonar’s diary reveal a man devoted to God and his work, yet keenly aware of his frailties and shortcomings. He was convinced of the necessity of prayer and preaching the pure Gospel, and his life was an example of living out what he preached, but he often lamented his failure to pray and serve and know God as he should. (This was a man who prayed for hours each day!)
From the Introduction: The main lesson we learn from the life of Andrew Bonar, as indeed from all the great saints of God, is that what is real in the life of man has more affinity with the solitude of the closet than with the stir of outward things. If reality in religion is to be reached again by the present generation of Christians, then the outward must occupy less of our time and the inward more.
Yes. Most of us spend our time distracted by the “outward,” and even when we focus on the “inward” our interest has a self-centered core. We want our lives to run smoothly, for troubles to be dispatched quickly and easily, for relationships to be enjoyable rather than messy. How different it would be if the first passion of our lives was to love God with all our mind, soul and strength and every activity of our lives served the purpose of making Him known in the world.
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