August 14, 2007

Remembering One of Our "Family"

The following comment was added to a previous post, but I was thinking that few people might see it there, and it was something I just wanted to share as part of the "Banner family." My post referenced the recent homegoing of Pastor Scott Petersen, indeed a part of this "Banner family," and one who enjoyed that special preaching and fellowship of the Banner Ministers' Conference. Anyway, here's the note from Peter to me (thanks, Peter).
Dear Steve, on behalf of the family and friends of Scott Petersen, I would like to thank you for your prayers and good work. Scott greatly appreciated your work at BOT and loved the Banner Conference. Though I had bought Banner books and subscribed to BOT, Scott got me attending BOT beginning with the 2005 Conference, and D.V., I shall continue. Scott was a dear friend and mentor to me, and the man who ordained me. He was a champion of biblical Christianity in a place and a denomination where many hearts have grown cold. May his life be a call to all to return to our First Love, whole-heartedly, and at any cost. Because I love Christ and Scott, I say, Soli Deo Gloria!
Rev. Peter Butler Jr.

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