August 22, 2007

Family Worship!

I love this picture. I met Nathan, the father of these two, at this past May's Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference; I found this picture over at his Facebook Web site. He called it, "Family Worship," and it serves as another reminder to all of us that such family times are incredibly important. How many of you regularly gather your families together for a time of worship there in your own home? Reading the Word ... Singing in worship ... Praying together as a family. It can be a struggle at times, given how busy life can become. Is such "Family Worship" happening in your home? If so, what does it look like?

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Nate said...


Thanks for the putting the kids up!

For our family worship we:
1. Read the Word
2. Read a portion of a commentary (right now we are doing 'Let's Study Ephesians)
3. Read something for the kids (we are using Our Loving God by MacKenzie)
4. Sing a few psalms
5. Take turns praying.

What do others do??

* * Also, I would recommend the Directory for Family Worship in the Westminster Standards.