August 20, 2007

Ahhhh, that Special Fellowship at the Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference!

I had no idea, but apparently each year at the annual Banner of Truth U.S. Minsters' Conference, the men attending from the RPCNA and the ARPC get their picture taken together. I just saw this picture recently elsewhere on the Web. Check it out ... young and old, new and "well-seasoned," this speaks to the great brother-to-brother fellowship that takes place each year at the Banner conference. You may have heard me say that, even though I live nearby, I stay on campus with the rest of the guys just to be a part of that fellowship. If your a guy in ministry, or preparing to be one (pastor, elder, deacon, missionary, chaplain, seminary student), give some serious thought to joining us for the 2008 conference, May 27-28, with Iain Murray, Richard Philips, and more. If you have any pictures of previous conferences, let me know. I might like to use some as we put together the brochure for next year's event. Thanks. Steve.

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