August 18, 2007

From Inside the Banner Walls ...

As one week ends, and another begins ...
(1) Our warehouse manager, Jake, returns on Monday. He's been off for two weeks as he and his wife have adopted a baby boy. We are all very excited for them and are looking forward to having him back.
(2) In Jake's absence, the Lord provided Jared, a recent high school graduate that I met two years ago while he was working at a local office products store. That ongoing relationship put me into Jared's life so, when I learned of his sudden unemployment just days before Jake was to leave, I took it as the Lord's provision. Jared worked full-time these last two weeks and quickly became appreciated by all. He did a great job. Thanks, Jared!
(3) We will soon be extending the second floor in our U.S. warehouse to get more space. I met with a guy this week to discuss. We continue to grow here at Banner, releasing more new books and receiving more inventory in the U.S. warehouse due to the fact that we are now printing here in the U.S. All good things!
(4) The new mailer is done and should be in the mail soon (I can email it sooner; if interested send me your email address). This will be something different - featuring the "Hidden Treasures" within the Banner warehouse - great books that many of you might just not be aware of, and we'll be offering them at substantial discounts!
(5) On a personal note, this is the last week before we take our first-born daughter to college. I cut her umbilical cord over 18 years ago - Where does the time go?
Grace & peace ... Have a great weekend ... Steve

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Anonymous said...

What a joy and blessing for your warehouse manager and his wife. It sounds as though the Lord was good in sending you this Jared to take his place and help while he was gone. Banner of Truth has been a world of blessings to many people.