August 25, 2007

Checking Out The Gems

This next week, Banner's U.S. office will launch the "Discover Our Hidden Treasures" sale. A bookstore manager had emailed me, 'Can you give us a list of Banner books that do NOT sell well.' When I asked him why, he replied, 'There's no such thing as a 'bad' Banner book. If a book isn't selling, it must be a HIDDEN TREASURE that someone better tell us about!" What a great idea (thanks, KC!). The flier, with 40%-45% savings will go out this next week. Here on the blog, I thought I'd feature some of those HIDDEN TREASURES during the coming days. So stay tuned. The first treasure to be featured here is ....

An Introduction to the Christian Faith
by Peter Barnes
List Price: $6.00 (U.S. currency)
GEM Price: $3.60 (40% off)
Here's what the back of this book says,
"Peter Barnes writes with the strong conviction that the spread of biblical doctrine across the earth is the great need of this age. In clear, simple terms, and with constant appeal to Scripture, he gives an introduction to fundamental truths of the Faith. This is a book which will be found of great value to all who have a heart-hunger for the knowledge of God. Chapter titles: The Word of God; The Triune God; Jesus Christ: God and Man; The Atonement; The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit."
After taking another look at this short paperback (just 79 pages), it is exactly what that says - "simple terms" abound, and Scripture is used everywhere. If you know a relatively new believer, this would be great. But I can see a dad reading this to the family, with kids looking up the Scripture references as you go. Also, I know a young guy who is not a believer and has grown up fairly ignorant of the Word or church - I'm thinking of giving him a copy.
Another value that I found in this book is the list of other books recommended for deeper study in his "For Further Reading" section at the end of each chapter. After the chapter, "The Word of God," for example, he recommends: "Thy Word is Truth, by E.J. Young (Banner of Truth, 1963), "God Has Spoken," J.I. Packer (Hodder & Stoughton, 1979), and "Christ and the Bible," by J.W. Wenham (Tyndale Press, 1972). Did you note that they aren't just Banner books that are recommended? So within these 79 pages, you get some sips of milk with added good recipes and ingredients for more solid meat along the way. At a price of $6.00, I think this is a good book to always have on hand, ready to give as a gift (I love to give away books). But at this special $3.60 price, all the better.
Watch for our HIDDEN TREASURES flier in the mail, or email me your desire to get a copy and I'll reply with the PDF attached. Grace & peace. Steve.

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