August 11, 2007

How about a "Discovering the Lost Treasures" Sale?

With attention being given to all of the new releases from Banner of Truth (14 in the past 4 months alone, with 9 more coming this Fall!), I'm beginning to see how some "Banner Treasures," as I'll call them, could get forgotten. A perfect example was Tim Challies' recent mention of Leahy's, "The Cross He Bore." Tim was right; this is an absolute gem worth re-reading annually! But it's only one of many such gems in this building! It had sadly become one of our "Lost Treasures" until Tim brought it back into the light of day! Hmmmm. It makes you wonder what other "treasures" are in this place, doesn't it? Hidden treasures awaiting rediscovery, or even discovery for the first time by a whole new generation! So, I got to thinking ... Let's have a "Discovering the Lost Treasures" Sale! I'm already working on it - a mailing that will feature an incredible number of titles with savings ... well ... savings bigger than you'd normally see from Banner. And remember, these are NOT damaged books! Just "Lost Treasures" from within the recesses of our U.S. warehouse that need to be rediscovered, or discovered for the first time by a whole new generation. Interested? Email me ( your mailing address, and I'll make sure you're on our list. But do it soon. I'm close to getting this mailing out of here!

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