August 21, 2007

Hidden Treasures Abound!

Wow, when it comes to gems, we all know about those sparklie kind that costs TONS of money and seem so small and easy to lose (at least to guys like me). BUT there's also the book kind that costs a whole lot less and, depending on the book, can be of eternal value! Now which would you choose? Diamonds or a Banner book? Rubies or a Banner book? The answer, of course, is ... the diamonds or rubies BECAUSE we could sell them and buy more Banner books!!!!!
Anyway, in putting the new promotions mailer together (shown here, on the right), it's been great discovering for myself some of the "gems" or "hidden treasures" here inside the U.S. Banner of Truth warehouse, especially some of the biographies of people whose names you would never recognize ... but God would, and does! Good stuff! Solid stuff! I've listed a lot of them in the mailer at 40%-45% off, but do you think that's too much of a discount? I mean, we want to get them into the hands of people who will read them, but I can't forget that I'm taking my firstborn daughter to college this Friday, too!
The mailer will be available soon, I promise. Make sure I have your email address and I'll include you in the first wave that goes out! Grace & peace. Steve.

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