May 14, 2007

The Results Are In ...

Last Friday and Saturday's Homeschool Convention in Pennsylvania presented quite the crowds. As you know, Banner was in the midst of them, with everything from the multi-volume Works of Owen and Flavel and Edwards and Sibbes, to numerous clothbound and paperback titles, and even several of the 32-page (or so) booklet series. Today's tally showed Banner increases sales at this conference some 23% over last year, which really is also reflective of the overall interest and appreciation in what Banner represents. Plus we had a great response to a book that hasn't even been published yet - "Student Workbook for Sketches From Church History." I never sold so many copies of a never-having-yet-existed book before - But it will be out in June. Another first, for me anyway - a book signing from one of our Banner authors ... Not Owen or Baxter or Sibbes or Flavel (We do have some living ones, you know!). What great conversations many of you had with Sara Leone, author of "Her Husband's Crown."
So, there you have it. Among other things, we're into full preparation for the upcoming (May 29-31) Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference. I'll let you know how we're coming on that sometime soon. Grace & peace. Steve

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Jeff de Ruyter said...

Congradulations on a successful event!