May 26, 2007

Pre-Conference UPDATE

The Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference is one exciting week! While the actual conference begins Tuesday (May 29), it sort of begins for me tonight. One of our attendees, Mark from Chicago, has a flight that arrives today. So he'll be joining our family and living with us for the next few nights (I met Mark last November at the ETS conference in DC)! Likewise, Paul from Boston will spend a night with us, too. It'll be good to have their help Monday as we set up the bookstore - imagine converting an empty room into a fully functioning bookstore that contains just about ALL Banner of Truth titles (at 40% or more off). If you haven't registered but want to come, and are a pastor / deacon / elder / chaplain / missionary / seminarian, send me an email. It's still not too late, as far as we are concerned. Grace & peace. Steve
ADDENDUM, MONDAY, MAY 28th - We are ready! The bookstore is set up; registration will be prepared in the morning and we will start welcoming you guys at 11:00 a.m. We have two conference attendees staying at our house tonight, they have both quickly become older brothers to our three daughters! It's great. And we had one guy call earlier asking if it was too late to bring his eight friends!! This is already starting off to be a great week. Wow.