May 21, 2007

Banner's "Secret Shelves" Were Hit Again!

I've referenced our "secret shelves" here at the Banner of Truth in at least one prior blog - they are the shelves stocked with such ever-so-slightly-damaged books that frequently I cannot tell, at first glance, how they got to be there. The important thing, however, is that all of the books on these "secret shelves" are available for purchase at a 50% discount to anyone who stops in for a visit. This morning, it's been great to have two Pennsylvania pastors, Ryan and Ben, stop in; they happen to be from my alma mater, as well, but have made contact initially here through the blog. It's been great to visit with them, give them the Banner tour. We're headed out to lunch now. If you're ever passing through central PA, keep us in mind. I got an email recently from a pastor in Portland, Oregon who will be bringing his family to the east coast for a vacation this summer. I had to smile - he listed three "must sees" while they are here: (1) the capitol of our country, (2) the site of the historic Gettysburg battle, and (3) Banner of Truth! I hope your week is off to a great start. Grace & peace. Steve


David said...

A week ago my son got back from three months in the Middle East. He wanted to get in a bit of driving practice so ... first stop for father & son? The "secret shelf" at the Banner warehouse here in Edinburgh! :)

SHALOM! David Reimer

Steve Burlew said...

Ha! I was getting excited, David, at the thought of you and son coming to visit US soon! Good to know that the Edinburgh office has its own set of "secret shelves" for you to enjoy. Please give my greetings to Margaret and everyone else there at Banner-UK from those of us here at Banner-US. And enjoy that son of yours!

Anonymous said...

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