May 25, 2007

Another Shipment from Edinburgh!

No, this isn't REALLY a picture of the truck and container from Scotland, but the one we're still waiting for will look like this when it finally gets here. You see, several times a year, we have a most unusual day here at the Banner of Truth office on the North American side of the Atlantic Ocean. It's when a container, packed and shipped from Edinburgh, Scotland reaches the end of it's sea-voyage through the port of Baltimore and finally arrives at our warehouse here in Carlisle, PA, USA. And that would be TODAY! Yes, really, on the Friday morning before the annual Ministers' Conference. Isn't that a great way to make a busy day just a little busier? And to make it even MORE interesting, the container's arrival is - so far - four hours late. We've been told by the trucking company that their driver chose not to report to work today so was promptly fired, and we shouldn't expect to see the container until this afternoon - uhm, that would be the afternoon of the Friday before the annual Ministers' Conference! Meanwhile, our regular staff PLUS four additional guys I recruited to help, are doing just about anything else we can come up with for them to do until the container gets here! Did you ever have one of those days? It is a good time to remind ourselves that our plans are always flexible as determined by the Lord. In the meantime, the pizza just arrived so I think I'll join the crew in the back of the warehouse as we continue to watch and wait for the real work to begin.
Grace & PEACE! :-)
ADDENDUM, FRIDAY NIGHT - The container finally arrived at 12:45. I'm so glad we had extra guys, two from Harrisburg and two from the Scranton area, to help. Josh, Andrew, Seth, Luke ... Many, many thanks, guys! What a day!

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JMR said...

it was a great day...not a bit sore, either. are you?

hope dinner went well. and let me know if you need those pictures of the truck.