May 26, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE: "The Godly Man's Picture"

This is the Puritan Paperback that happens to be in my briefcase at the moment, but I'm obviously not the only one reading through this work of Thomas Watson. If you'd like to read a portion of this book, check out this blog (click here). Thanks, Doug. May Watson's picture of a godly man, which is really God's picture, be more greatly displayed in both of our lives! Grace & peace. Steve
PS - Check out the new cover!


Doug McMasters said...


Watson's book has proved so valuable to me. Yesterday at our prayer meeting, I read a portion of the book and recommended it to the body.

Like the new cover!


Steve Burlew said...

Thanks, Doug. I will pass along your likes of the "new cover." Indeed, the characteristics of a godly man haven't changed, or lessened, since Watson penned these words in 1666. Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

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