May 10, 2007

If You're Coming, Then We're Praying!

With about two weeks to go to this year's Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference, our U.S. Banner staff has taken all of the names of everybody who has registered so far and we have divided them among us so that we can pray, individually and by name, for every guy who is coming to this year's conference. And here's how we'll be praying:
(1) That the Lord will prepare your heart in advance of you coming.
(2) That the enemy would not cause certain events to prevent you from coming.
(3) For your family as they prepare for the time that you will be away.
(4) We're thanking the Lord for your church's willingness to let you come this year.
(5) For safety in getting to the conference.
(6) That the Lord would use His Word to minister to you during these days that we're together.
(7) That the Lord will introduce you to other Christian brothers at the conference who might best minister to you while you're here.
(8) That this would be a genuine time of spiritual refreshment for you.
If you haven't yet registered, there is still time, to both get in to the conference AND to get on our prayer list. Just go to where you'll see an image of the conference brochure. Follow that link for more information, and to register online. Grace & peace. Steve

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Richard Rushing said...

Thanks Steve. I sure appreciate your prayers.Looking forward to meeting you and the fellowship of the men.