May 21, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "George Whitefield"

Source: Tim Challies (Blog:
Excerpts from this review by Tim Challies:
"Few recent books have so wide and so deep an impact as Arnold Dallimore's magisterial biography of George Whitefield.... Rarely have I had a biography recommended to me by so many and by men of such distinction. Rarely have I benefited more from reading about another man's life.... Eminently readable despite its length and depth, this biography only reinforces my belief that biographies can be among the greatest catalysts to spiritual growth. It is a classic and one that takes its place among my favorite biographies... It will prove valuable to pastors or evangelists as they see the example of a man who labored tirelessly for the gospel; it will prove valuable to all Christians as they see the example of a man who labored tirelessly to grow even and ever closer to his Savior. Whitefield is a man who stands as an example to all of us. Dallimore has done us a great service in opening up to us the life of this great man of God. Together these two volumes represent a financial investment that is not insignificant. Purchased together they are likely to cost at least sixty or seventy dollars. But I can testify, as can a long list of people of far greater wisdom and discernment than I, that they are well worth the investment."
To read Tim Challies' complete review of this set, click here.
To access the set on the Banner of Truth Web site (25% off plus free shipping), click here for volume 1 and here for volume 2. For some reason, the Web site isn't allowing you to buy both volumes as a set (25% off $70 - the set price - instead of the combined $45 + $45). Therefore, if you want the set, give us a call (800-263-8085) and mention Tim's review.

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