May 11, 2007

On the Road, yet AGAIN!

Greetings, from the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania's (CHAP) Annual Convention at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Today (Friday) and tomorrow, that's where you'll find me. And in good ol' homeschooling style, I'll have at least one daughter along, helping me out! I don't think "the world" yet knows just how valuable Banner of Truth's resources are within a good, solid homeschooling plan. Obviously, I've recently mentioned the new, soon-to-be-released "Student Workbook" to accompany our "Sketches From Church History." It's a complete unit study on church history, with syllabus and worksheets and study guides and tests - ripe for a junior or senior higher. But there are other resources ... from other workbooks, like "Mark's Sketchbook" and "God's Riches," to all kinds of historical biographies. Special gems for the upper school student would definitely include "Divine Challenge," blending theology with math and logic. My wife is the upper school principal at a classical Christian school here in Harrisburg and she raves about that book. And don't forget the two-volume "Historical Theology", and "Biblical Theology," or ........ If you homeschool, let me know how we can spread the word among the homeschool community. I hope to have a homeschool resources guide available soon. For now, though, I better get back to business here at the convention! Grace & peace. Steve

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