May 23, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "Soul Depths & Soul Heights"

Source: Pastor Erik Raymond, Omaha
Excerpts from Erik's Review: "In recent years this author has become one of my favorites. Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) has a devotional style that just melts my pride and inflames my passion. He has been a welcome addition to my bookshelf.... In this book, Soul Depths & Soul Heights, Winslow walks us through the 130th Psalm. The book is a series of sermons on the text he himself preached. When you think of Winslow you think of sweet affection to Christ and sweet perserverence in trials. And one does indeed feed the others. This is fitting then with the text in hand.... I could go on and on quoting the book; I just loved it.... This book is great to recommend to someone who is encountering a trial. Recommend the book along with a meditative contemplation of the 130 Psalm. It is also a great book to read for training in view of the possible, potential, promised and certain trials of life."
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Enjoy! Grace & peace. Steve Burlew

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