May 12, 2007

Christian Homeschoolers' Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP)

The PA Homeschool Convention is over; it was a busy two days, but our sales for this convention were definitely up over last year. That's good from a financial perspective, but it's really good in that it means that more incredible and spiritually challenging, biblical literature is out of the warehouse and into the hands of God's church, seed planted with the prayer that God would water, grow and bring forth a bountiful harvest.
"Sketches From Church History," sold well, both the textbook and the new student workbook that's due out next month. I received many "Thank yous" for being there. I heard Kevin's story of how his dad grew him on Banner of Truth books. I met a 16-year old guy who is headed to the pastorate. It was great to get "Reformed Pastor" and others of the Puritan works into his hands.
As I type this, I will admit to ending this Saturday pretty tired, so I think I will leave it at that, for now. More to come, from a much more rested Steve!

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