October 31, 2007

What's it like, to visit Banner of Truth?

If you were to ask Pastor Ryan Day from Hazelton, PA that question, he'd talk about moving books, stocking shelves and unloading trucks. While not exactly the normal visitor's experience, that IS what happened for him. Ryan took his day off away from normal pastoral duties to drive several hours to help unload our most recent shipment from Scotland. But don't settle for my description of his experience; CLICK HERE and read it in his own words, with pictures, over at his blog.
And on the same day this week, we were also blessed to have Allen Mickle visit us from the Toronto Baptist Seminary. After numerous email conversations, it was good to finally meet Allen, and specially good to have him join our staff for lunch in recognition of the shipment's arrival, AND Austin's birthday (Austin does a great job with our warehouse manager, Jake, in keeping track of our inventory, packing the books, etc.). To read what Allen thought of his visit to Banner, CLICK HERE. And after leaving Banner, Allen went to his girlfriend's house and asked her to marry him! What an exciting day for a guy to have - visit Banner and get engaged to be married! I probably shouldn't ask which was the bigger highlight, right?


Allen R. Mickle, Jr. said...


Thanks for a great day! And while I loved coming to meet you and see the Banner... not much compares to proposing to Tracy. :) But, you're a close second!

Looking forward to continued times of talking and perhaps seeing each other again sooner rather than later!


Ryan said...

Hi Steve,

Just want to say "thanks" again for such a great day in Carlisle. You really did treat me like family, and I came home encouraged!

I have to admit that my back muscles were a little sore the next day-- but hey-- that just means I'm SOFT and need to toughen up!

I've had many people stop by my blog because of your TOHG post--- I hope my day @ Banner will help them continue to rejoice in all that Banner is doing for Christ!

The next time you receive the dreaded "container" and need all hands-- give me a call and I'll be there. I'm a glutton for punishment!

Your friend, Ryan

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