October 23, 2007

Praying For You in Southern CA

You've no doubt heard the news, if you don't live in southern California, regarding the wildfires in that part of the country. I've received several emails from that area which I thought I'd share as a reminder for all of us to pray.
Jared writes, "It is true, and from the sounds of it, it will only get worse before it gets better. We are fine. The fires are not directly around us, but pray for people in our church. There are several families that have been evacuated from their homes. We are supposed to have hurricane type winds until tomorrow night. Obviously not helpful when fighting fires."
And another email from Paul, "So far, so good. The air quality is gross, ash everywhere, fires about 10 miles out. No MANDATORY evacuations yet. Pray hard brother, for not just me but the firefighters as well."
Join me, please, in praying for our dear Christian brothers and sisters in that area, that they would shine in the midst of tragedy and remain faithful; pray also for those who are not of the "the fold." Grace and peace. Steve.

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