October 6, 2007

Alabama/Georgia Trip Update

So far, so good! I had a great visit to Birmingham, AL Thursday and Friday, with stops at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Hunter Street Baptist Church and Southeastern Bible College, where I sat in on several classes and met some students and professors. Thanks to KC Armstrong of The BookStore at Hunter Street (in Hoover, AL, just outside of Birmingham) for being a great host. Currently, I'm in Douglasville, GA, just west of Atlanta, where the Reformation Heritage Conference got underway last night at Grace Presbyterian Church. Dr. Carl Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) was excellent, introducing Luther, the main subject of the conference. The conference continues with lectures at 10:00 this morning and 12:45 this afternoon.

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Jacob Young said...


That's right next to Auburn University! My alma mater. I don't know if the pastors of Grace Heritage Church are there, but they were my beloved shepherds for the last half of college.