October 29, 2007

November Issue: The Banner of Truth magazine

The November 2007 issue of The Banner of Truth magazine is now available. Inside this issue, you'll find the following articles:

TITLE: Aspiring to Live a Quiet and Peaceable Life
AUTHOR: Tom Lyon
EXCERPT: "The value of a humble and unassuming life seems to have been eclipsed by this upwardly mobile 'dare to be a Daniel' brand of Christianity which elevates ambition above maturity and has seated the stable but unremarkable believer in coach class. Something is wrong here.... It is high time to stand up for the godly working-man: those less heroic who 'tarry by the baggage' (1 Sam. 30:24), the Christian who appears year after year at the church door, takes his seat - not the same man he was, but recognizable as the man he always has been - and, in doing so, is living proof of the reliability of grace and the evident blessing of living a quiet and peaceable life (1 Tim. 2;2)."

TITLE: Subtracting Through Addition: Galatians 6:14-15
AUTHOR: Allen Guelzo
EXCERPT: "In the roaring era of the Old West, an itinerant preacher crossed paths one evening with a group of cowboys herding cattle northward. They were a hospitable group and invited the preacher to eat with them, which he did. They were also a pretty uncouth group, as the preacher knew from having met cowboys in his travels. Their knowledge of how to cook was about on the same level as their appreciation for opera - which is to say, non-existent. The preacher had, accordingly, armed himself in advance with a bottle of hot pepper sauce. When the steaks were passed around the cooking fire, the preacher took the sauce from his saddlebag and gingerly sprinkled some of it so as to promote his steak's untapped potential. One of the cowboys, never having seen this before, stared at the preacher wide-eyed and asked to try some of the sauce. The preacher obligingly handed the bottle over, and the cowboy proceeded to empty the entire contents on his own meat. The cowboy ate ... and when the storm had passed sufficiently for him to breathe normally, he quickly concluded that the preacher must certainly believe in future punishment, for he carried a sample about with him in his saddlebag."
Don't you want to read the rest of this and its application to Galatians 6:14-15? :-)

TITLE: A Black Hen Lays a White Egg
AUTHOR: C.H. Spurgeon
EXCERPT: "Out of evil comes good, through the great goodness of God. From threatening clouds we get refreshing showers; in dark mines men find bright jewels: and so from our worst troubles come our best blessings."

Additional articles include: "Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Sign of God's Judgment?" by Chris Richards; "Conscience: A Voice of God," by Peter Barnes; and "Spectators of Divine Majesty: Habakkuk 3:3-16," by Walter J. Chantry. Plus the regular sections, including "News and Comments" and Book Reviews on the following books:
"This Little Church Went to Market," published by Evangelical Press
"Puritan Reformed Spirituality," published by Evangelical Press
"C.S. Lewis: Clarity and Confusion," published by Day One
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