October 25, 2007

THEY HAVE ARRIVED: New for Children, from Banner of Truth!

Look what we unloaded yesterday here at the Banner of Truth warehouse in Carlisle, PA, USA! Banner is excited to be expanding our children's literature with three new releases, and just in time for Christmas.

First, A Bible Alphabet is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces very young readers to some of the great stories and characters from the Bible, including Noah and the ark, David and Goliath, and Daniel in the lions’ den.
Here's a taste of what you'll get in this book:

A is for ark - God said
there would be a terrible flood all over the earth because of man's sin. He told Noah how to build a huge ark or boat. All the people and animals who would go inside it would be safe.
B is for basket - A little baby called Moses slept in a bulrush basket. It floated on the river, near the bank. His mother had hidden him there. She didn't want the wicked king to
find him.
C is for coat - When Jose
ph was a boy he wore a lovely coloured coat. No-one else had a coat quite like it. It was very special. His father gave it to him because he loved Joseph very much.

And on it goes, through the alphabet.

Engage your children further when reading A Bible Alphabet by giving each child a copy of the companion book, A Bible Alphabet Activity Book. This large paperback with perforated pages contains 26 large format tear-out sheets which young children will enjoy coloring, filling in the blanks, etc.

And thirdly, we also received yesterday The Work of His Fingers, An Illustrated Rhyme in Praise of Creation. Here's a taste of how this new title begins:

When we pause to consider this wonderful earth,
we see some incredible sights...
a world full of beauty suspended in space,
with billions of twinkling lights!
Perhaps you have wondered just how it got there,
... perhaps you've been tempted to guess?
(It didn't explode from a cloud of hot gas;
explosions make only a mess!)
Instead it was lovingly made by our God,
whose power and great understanding
are far beyond anything thought of by man;
no problem was found too demanding.
And on it goes!

All three of these new children's titles are authored and illustrated by Alison Brown, a former primary school teacher who lives with her husband and family in northern Ireland. As the back
cover says, "While enjoying the privilege of spending years at home with her five growing children, she has continued to develop her drawing style. A deepening awareness of the need for every child to build his life on God’s Word, coupled with the pleasure of illustrating for children, has led to the creation of these pages...that they might set their hope in God. Psalm 78:7."

You will find them soon (I'm working on it!), at 25% discount, at www.banneroftruth.org, or call us (20% discount) with your order at 800-263-8085.
A Bible Alphabet
, by Alison Brown
ISBN: 978-0-85151-9630; Large paperback; $8.00
A Bible Alphabet Activity Book
, by Alison Brown
ISBN 978-0-85151-9647; Large paperback; $4.00

The Work of His Fingers
, by Alison Brown
ISBN 978-0-85151-9654; Large paperback; $8.00

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