October 1, 2007

Back Home After "Desiring God" in Minneapolis

What to say about this year's "Desiring God" conference? It was my first ever. The Main Auditorium of the Minneapolis Convention Center was filled to capacity at nearly every session. Thousands of people with all ages had some representation, but by far a mostly younger audience. Most of my time was spent in the conference bookstore one level below the Auditorium so I didn't get to hear as many of the sessions as I would have liked. But from conversations with the attendees, they were frequently moved and challenged by what was taking place upstairs. It's always nice to see that a considerable number of those attending recognized the Banner of Truth name, but there were also others, as I had anticipated, who were not familiar with the Banner. It was again an enjoyable exercise to share just a bit of what the Lord has done, and how the Lord has blessed during the 50 years that Banner has been in existence. But also to let them know that Banner is very much in the active mode, strengthening the church and facilitating its revival! A number of Banner titles were available at the conference, from our first published, "Body of Divinity" by Thomas Watson to newer releases. Jerry Bridges plugged the Puritan Paperback series from the Main Auditorium pulpit which brought about the usual swarm after the closing hymn. Overall, I do solidly believe that it was good for me to have been there, and good for the Banner. And also, as is usually the case, the Lord provided ample opportunity to encourage and pray with some dear brothers in the Lord, in some cases through many tears. If you were among those, be assured of my continued prayers!
I'd write more but it's 4:00 a.m. and I just arrived home, 5 hours later than scheduled. And in case you ever wondered, it's a painful thing traversing cities and airports, on foot, with a newly broken toe! Wouldn't you know it?
Grace and peace to you now; more to come. Steve

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Andrew and Carolyn said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the insights on the Desiring God conference. I trust that your toe will soon heal as well!!
God bless,