October 12, 2007

Are you REALLY into the Word?

It came to my attention just the other day that a number of you may not have yet discovered the "Let's Study" series from Banner of Truth. In all honesty, I'm not just out to push or sell books with what I'm about to say; this truly has met a need in my own personal spiritual life, and y'all (can you tell I've spent recent time in the south? I love it) need to know about this.
One of the best descriptions as to what this series is all about can be found in the introduction to "Let's Study Mark," written by Sinclair Ferguson. Sinclair writes that "this series is designed to meet a specific need in the church. While not technical commentaries, each volume will comment on the text of a biblical book; and while not merely lists of practical applications, they are concerned with the ways in which the teaching of Scripture can affect and transform our lives today. Understanding the Bible's message and applying its teaching are the aims.... The reader in view is not the person who is interested in all the detailed questions which fascinate the scholar, although behind the writing of each study lies an appreciation for careful and detailed scholarship. The aim is exposition of Scripture written in the language of a friend, seated alongside you with an open Bible."
That is SO TRUE ... through each book, you get "a friend, seataed alongside you with an open Bible." I used "Let's Study Acts" and "Let's Study Mark" in my teaching of adult Sunday School classes within the past couple of years. Currently, I'm using "Let's Study John" for my own personal Bible Study. "Let's Study Revelation" has certainly been a popular one. Every one of us needs to be in the Word, and not merely reading a chapter and getting on with the day. Instead, let's ask a Sinclair Ferguson, or Derek Thomas, or Mark Johnston, etc., to join us each morning over coffee and provide some insight into the Word of God.
Currently, the Let's Study series includes the following titles, with the eventual goal to include the entire New Testament:
"Let's Study Mark"
"Let's Study Luke"
"Let's Study John"
"Let's Study Acts"
"Let's Study 1 Corinthians"
"Let's Study 2 Corinthians"
"Let's Study Galatians"
"Let's Study Ephesians"
"Let's Study Philippians"
"Let's Study 1 & 2 Thessalonians"
"Let's Study Hebrews"
"Let's Study 1 Peter"
"Let's Study 2 Peter and Jude"
"Let's Study Revelation"

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jc said...

It's the inside that counts, but the first thing people will see is its cover. Do you think, Steve, that changing the cover will help to at least have people give the book a second-look that leads to a read?