September 10, 2007

Thank You, Louisville, KY!

I had a great visit to Louisville, KY last week. My special thanks to the students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who took time to get together: Bradley, Will, Dustin and Terry. My prayers to Stephen who, because of some medical issues and an upcoming surgery, wasn't able to. I also met Ryan, a new student at Boyce College, plus a few others. And it was great having Mark, a recent Wheaton grad who attended the last Banner Ministers' Conference, drive down from Chicago.
My main reason for flying to Louisville was to have some meetings with several Banner accounts there in the area. I spent Friday afternoon with Tim and Stuart at the LifeWay bookstore right there on Southern Baptist Seminary's campus - what a beautiful store that is, right in the middle of everything there on campus!
I also had a great visit with John over at The Christian Book Nook, a locally owned bookstore at 2116 South Preston Street, just two doors down from Sunergos Coffee. I got to visit with some of John's customers there, including Nathan and his little boy as they were checking out Owen. I even got to get down on the floor and played with a dump truck! When was the last time you got to do that on your job?
So, thank you, all! I hope to see some of you again in just eight months at the Banner of Truth's Ministers' Conference here in PA (May 27-29, 2008). Grace & peace. Steve.