September 17, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "Authority," by D.M. Lloyd-Jones

BOOK REVIEWED: "Authority," by D.M. Lloyd-Jones
REVIEWER: Brian Lievens on the Edifying Deaf Christians blog
REVIEW: "I was reading an used book I bought online written by D.M. Lloyd-Jones. Lloyd-Jones was an excellent expository preacher at Westminister Chapel in the 40s to 60s in England. He is a rare Evangelical pastor in England. Anyway, I have enjoyed several of his books that contained his sermons like Romans and Ephesians.
Anyway this book is titled, “Authority.” The book was about knowing our authority from the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The book was published in 1958. Lloyd-Jones to me was really ahead of his time because in 1958 he already see the philosophy that we are battling today since maybe 1970s. That is post-modernism philosophy. I am quoting him here now.
“Now I suggest that, as Evangelicals, that is the major position which we have to meet at this present time [Post-Modernism]. There was a time when we were confronted by absolute denials [Modernism, Liberalism]. The position today is not that. Instead we are told that the truth is so marvelous that you cannot define it. One man may say this and another may say that. We are asked to believe that they both are probably right. Everybody is right. There are many ways of getting to this summit. We must therefore welcome all approaches, and we must not say that a man has not the truth because he has not come to it our way. Such a school of thought claims that these are matters which, because of the very nature of truth itself, cannot be defined. Therefore we cannot confidently speak of right and wrong” (D.M. Lloyd-Jones 10,11).
That is how people think today. All truth is relative rather than absolute. That means that we must accept other person’s perspective that what he thinks is truth is truth to him. And we have to accept that as truth. And others have to accept our truth. That’s arrogance and prideful. God Himself is the only Person that has the full truth. We only can depend on God to give us understanding of what is right and wrong rather than let the people themselves decide what is right or wrong.
To me, Lloyd-Jones sees the problem of post-modernism already in 1958 and he wrote the book to encourage us to depend on the absolute authority of God!
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