September 14, 2007

Hidden Treasure Feature: "An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience"

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In putting this promotion together, I, also, found some treasures that I didn't know much about, one of them being this book, An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience by J. Graham Miller. This is a collection of quotations compiled by this pastor in New Zealand - a life's worth of work - clothbound and listed at $21.00, but available through October 15 at 45% off - just $11.55.

Of this book, Iain Murray, who made the initial discovery leading to its publication, wrote, "A handful of pure gold. The work of a lifetime. A wonderful overview of the Christian faith drawn from many of the classic authors of the church. I have found the contents humbling and inspiring. They require, it should be said, pondering and reflection more than consecutive reading. John Wesley's maxim is especially applicable, 'Read a little, pray and meditate much.'"
So what's the story behind this book? On a visit to Graham Miller in Australia in 1999, Iain Murray found 'bound volumes filled with my friend's firm and distinctive handwriting, containing memorable quotations gleaned from leading authors." An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience is a selection of these, arranged alphabetically under subject headings, covering the entire range of Christian truth and experience. Check out some of the authors quoted in this resource, and then some of the topics covered! I can't believe this isn't on your shelf - truly a great resource but even more so, as Iain wrote, good thoughts to ponder and meditate on.

The book contains quotations from 124 authors, just some of whom include:
Augustine of Hippo, Richard Baxter, Loraine Boettner, Andrew Bonar, Horatius Bonar, Thomas Boston, John Bradford, John Brown, James Buchanan, John Bunyan, John Calvin, J.S. Candlish, Thomas Chalmers, Oswald Chambers, Stephen Charnock, John Chrysostom, William Cowper, Alfred Edersheim, Jonathan Edwards, John Flavel, Thomas Fuller, Henry Grattan Guinness, James Haldane, Charles Hodge, Ignatius, Irenaeus, Jerome, Justin Martyr, John Knox, Hugh Latimer, Robert Leighton, John Livingstone, D.M. Lloyd-Jones, Martin Luther, J. Gresham Machen, Henry Martyn, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, D.L. Moody, John Murray, John Owen, Blaise Pascal, Samuel Rutherford, J.C. Ryle, Philip Schaff, W.G.T. Shedd, George Smeaton, C.H. Spurgeon, Tertullian, William Tyndale, Benjamin B. Warfield, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Alexander Whyte, William Wilberforce, Ulrich Zwingli, and

These quotations are grouped into 176 different subject categories, just some of which include:

Adoption, Anger, Antichrist, Assurance, Backsliding, Baptism, Beauty, The Bible, Burial, Chastisement, Christian Ministry, The Church, Church History, Communion of Saints, Conscience, Conversion, Convictions, Courage, Creeds, Criticism, Danger, Death, Disunity, Doubt, Effectual Calling, Election, End Times, Eternity, Faith, Family, Fear of God, Free Will, Friendship, Gentleness, Gifts, Growing Old, Guidance, Happiness, Health, Heaven, Hell, The Holy Spirit, Hope, Humility, Imputation, Jesting, Jesus Christ, Judgment, Justification, Leaders, Literature, The Lord’s Day, The Lord’s Supper, Love, Meditation, Meekness, Memorizing Scripture, Miracles, Modesty, Murder, Music, Obedience, Occupations, Patience, Persecution, Praise, Prayer, Predestination, Pride, Prophecy, Propitiation, Providence, Regeneration, Repentance, Reproof, Resurrection, Reverence, Salvation, Sanctification, Satan, Sermons, Sickness, Sin, Slander, The Sovereignty of God, Study, Suffering, Temptation, The Trinity, Trouble, Trust, Truth, Unbelief, Unity, Wisdom, Work, World Mission, Worship, Zeal.
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