September 5, 2007

D. James Kennedy, 1930 - 2007

I imagine you've heard the news by now, that D. James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church has made it home. I can think of nothing better to post than what he himself is quoted to have said.
Grace & peace. Steve.
“Now, I know that someday I am going to come to what some people will say is the end of this life. They will probably put me in a box and roll me right down here in front of the church, and some people will gather around, and a few people will cry. But I have told them not to do that because I don’t want them to cry. I want them to begin the service with the Doxology and end with the Hallelujah chorus, because I am not going to be there, and I am not going to be dead. I will be more alive than I have ever been in my life, and I will be looking down upon you poor people who are still in the land of dying and have not yet joined me in the land of the living. And I will be alive forevermore, in greater health and vitality and joy than ever, ever, I or anyone has known before.”
D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

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An Eshelman said...

That is an awesome quote! We do not mourn as those without hope..