September 13, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "The Life of John Murray," by Iain H. Murray

BOOK REVIEWED: "The Life of John Murray," by Iain H. Murray
Pastor Erik Raymond, Irish Calvinist blog
"John Murray’s commentary on the book of Romans has long been considered the answer book for biblical expositors when they come to study the grand epistle. So when I see a biography come along that introduces me to the man behind the works like his Romans commentary and Redemption, Accomplished and Applied, I am helplessly drawn in.
The Life of John Murray is what we have come to expect from Ian Murray (no relation to John). It is a well-written enjoyable chronicle of the life of a significant evangelical player. Ian Murray is able to give us many details without drowning us in peripherals....[see entire review for detail of the book].
This was an enjoyable, informative and encouraging read. I am truly thankful for Ian Murray’s careful and diligent work in producing this literary documentary of one of the church’s hard working and faithful laborers.
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