September 18, 2007

HIDDEN TREASURE FEATURE: John MacArthur's "classic example of what a good biography ought to be!"

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"William Grimshaw of Haworth," by Faith Cook

Of this biography, John MacArthur wrote, "A classic example of what a good biography ought to be!" With that testimonial fresh in my mind, I grabbed the clothbound copy of this book from our packing room shelf just last week and dove into it this weekend. You've heard of Grimshaw's contemporaries - Wesley and Whitefield; it's high time you learned more about the third part of that trio and what God accomplished in and through these men!

Just read how this book opens with paragraph #1: "If greatness is to be measured by usefulness to souls," wrote J.C. Ryle in 1866 as he looked back on the eighteenth-century Evangelical Revival, then, in his estimation, William Grimshaw would rank among the three greatest men in England during that period. The lives of the other two, George Whitefield and John Wesley, are well known, but many who rightly appreciate their importance know little of this man, whose zeal in the service of Christ led John Wesley to write, "A few such as him would make a nation tremble. He carries fire wherever he goes." Not surprisingly, it was William Grimshaw whom Wesley designated as his successor in the nation-wide organization of Methodism, should he and his brother Charles have died first."

Did you get that? William Grimshaw, in his zeal for the service of Christ, was described by Wesley as the one who "carries fire wherever he goes." Oh, how we need to be ever reading good biographies, filling our minds with the lives of godly saints who have walked before us, and the work and grace of God made visible in their lives to also encourage us and cause our faith to grow! There are few better places to start than this "classic example of what a good biography ought to be!" (John MacArthur).
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