September 1, 2007

"Dad? Can I talk with you about something?"

I was speaking to one of my "unofficially adopted sons" yesterday - you know, one of those younger guys we meet along life's journey whom God calls us to befriend and mentor, older to younger. Anyway, as he was confessing his sin of laziness with regard to the study of God's Word, I meant to read the following section from "The Collected Writings of John Murray: Volume 1 - The Claims of Truth," but didn't get to do so. So instead, I'll post it here, and both he and you will benefit from reading it. Grace & peace. Steve.
"I take it for granted that we all believe the Bible to be the Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice. I take it for granted that we all read the Bible with regularity. What I am going to plead for, however, is concentrated, sustained, devoted study of the Bible, the kind of study that is not fulfilled by the perfunctory reading of some passages each day. The set periods of family worship are not, of course by any means to be disparaged. This is a highly necessary and most fruitful exercise. The influence for good exerted by honoring God's Word in this way is incalculable for all concerned. Indeed, the minimal use of the Bible in this way has often left an indelible impression for good. And furthermore, the set periods of family worship may become the occasions for very concentrated and systematic study of the Bible.
"But what I am going to stress is the necessity for diligent and persevering searching of the Scriptures; study whereby we shall turn and turn again the pages of Scripture; the study of prolonged thought and meditation by which our hearts and minds may become soaked with the truth of the Bible and by which the deepest springs of thoughts, feeling and action may be stirred and directed; the study by which the Word of God will grip us, bind us, hold us, pull us, drive us, raise us up from the dunghill, bring us down from our high conceits and make us its bondservants in all of thought, life and conduct.
"The Word of God is a great deep; the commandment is exceeding broad; and so we cannot by merely occasional, hurried and perfunctory use of it understand its meaning and power. Sustained and diligent study of the Bible is indispensable...."

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