July 8, 2007

Weekend in Atlanta

Greetings from the Holiday Inn (pictured to the left, here), Downtown Atlanta. We got set up for this year's international Christian retail convention which starts Monday. But the weekend included a good day today with Banner's General Manager from Edinburgh, along with a friend from Crossway and another from Evangelical Press at Heritage Reformed Baptist Church outside of the city. Thank you, Pastor and Mrs. Martin, for your wonderful hospitality.
And Saturday, I was reminded how one can spend 3-4 hours with a guy that's never been met before, if they're both brothers in Christ. What a great conversation I had over lunch with a pastor in the area, who had first connected with me back in May through email after seeing this blog. I so appreciated seeing into his heart and I pray that I was of good encouragement to him. There really is a bond between Christians. You have experienced that, have you not? It's late, more tomorrow. Grace & peace. Steve.