July 18, 2007

JUST RELEASED: The Special DOUBLE ISSUE of The Banner of Truth Magazine - JOHN NEWTON

If you are not a subscriber to The Banner of Truth magazine, you are missing out on something very special. I just received my electronic copy from Edinburgh this morning ... the special DOUBLE ISSUE of the magazine featuring JOHN NEWTON. Here's an excerpt from the inside page:

"This special issue of the Banner of Truth magazine marks the anniversary of the death of John Newton, 21 December 1807. Newton remains one of the foremost evangelical authors. Along with Whitefield, he prepared the way for the evangelical catholicity that so strengthened worldwide gospel outreach in the nineteenth century.
While all he wrote is simple, strong and clear, his works - especially his Letters and hymns - are of outstanding help. J. C. Ryle names his Letters (Cardiphonia) as one of the six books that helped him most after his conversion.
'For myself,' wrote Alexander Whyte, 'I keep John Newton on my selectest shelf of spiritual books: by far the best kind of books in the whole world of books.'
In Spurgeon's opinion, 'In few writers are Christian doctrine, experience and practice more happily balanced.'"

Page 3 - John Newton: 'A Wonder to Myself,' by Iain H. Murray
Page 26 - Newton Commemoration, 2007, by Barbara Cross
Page 28 - Last Conversations with John Newton
Page 30 - 'With Ev'ry Fleeting Breath': John Newton and the Olney Hymns, by Michael A. G. Haykin
Page 43 - William Wilberforce on John Newton
Page 45 - Reading Newton's Writings, by Thomas E. Martin
Page 49 - Short Extracts from Newton's Writings
Page 56 - Memories of Newton, by William Jay
Page 63 - John Newton of Olney
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